Å É catches me on & we chat for a few

[14:31] Å É: Hi..Hope all is well..You never answered previous messages
[14:32] iARG: hey there
[14:32] iARG: sorry i haven’t received any messages
[14:32] iARG: how are you?
[14:32] Å É: Doing well..thnx
[14:33] iARG: have i missed out on anything good?
[14:33] iARG: whats new with you?
[14:34] Å É: Don’t think you’ve missed out on much…Not much new with me..A couple of new Angels
[14:38] iARG: ohhhh
[14:38] iARG: angels…that actually interest you?
[14:39] Å É: Lol..what do you mean?
[14:44] iARG: i remember you telling me that many try to get your attention
[14:44] iARG: but very few hold it
[14:46] Å É: True…I “hunted” or recruited these 2..after a long “get to know” period…
[14:49] iARG: hunted?
[14:49] iARG: what made you desire to hunt them?
[14:49] Å É: bloodlines..remember?
[14:49] iARG: ohh yes
[14:49] iARG: your a blood sucker
[14:49] iARG: ;)
[14:54] iARG: seemes you like the dark haired beauties
[14:54] iARG: how did we ever come to be?
[14:55] Å É: Lol…Tasha is actually blonde..in sl and rl…
[14:55] Å É: And I have another on the hook who is pink headed(at the time) like you…
[14:56] iARG: how many do you require?
[14:56] Å É: pink in rl by the way..and green and blue..lol
[14:56] Å É: As many as I desire
[14:57] iARG: thats a great answer
[15:00] iARG: how do you juggle them all?
[15:01] Å É: You don’t juggle friends..you just make time…there are no secrets..they obviously know of each other…
[15:03] iARG: i haven’t been here in so long… i think i have forgotten some things
[15:03] Å É: Tasha-“hey,you busy?..wanna dance?”….Aiden-“Sorry,I am with iARG”….End of story
[15:03] iARG: are you coming to dance with me?
[15:03] iARG: where are you?
[15:04] iARG: what are you doing?
[15:04] iARG: sounds legit
[15:04] Å É: I am at a rock club watching people dance(wet willies),but I need to make supper
[15:06] iARG: do you deliver?
[15:06] iARG: whats for supper?
[15:07] Å É: Ha Ha….I suppose I could in special circumstances..;)
[15:08] Å É: Are you going to be on here more frequebtly now?
[15:08] Å É: *frequently
[15:09] iARG: curious about those special circumstances
[15:09] iARG: i may be
[15:10] Å É: I always enjoy our encounters..I would like to hang out again sometime…or even just chat like now…even if you have many irons in the fire..
[15:12] iARG: as do i
[15:13] iARG: i may be starting a new project come spring on here… so i have to do some leg work now
[15:14] Å É: Cool….Maybe you can share some details sometime…I’m going to go cook now…Hope to see you later at some point….And remember—Without even trying,I’m as good,if not a tad bit better than you—;)
[15:14] [Second Life: Å É: is Offline]

 a lil mardi gras dancing for old times sake, 2014  a lil mardi gras dancing for old times sake, 2014

 a lil mardi gras dancing for old times sake, 2014

RC sends an email 1.2014

The dirty snow keeps falling down
I’m still here and you are gone…..
(borrowed some lines from The Caezars ”Winter Song”)
Not to be dramatic… just because it is in fact very cold up here.  Minus 13F in the morning if the forecasters keep their promise.  
You did say I could write from time to time, and so I do.  Not to pester but because of interest.  I hope all goes well with you and your paper.  I would be interested to hear of some of your findings.  And I would be interested to just hear from you.  I know that your project was for a specified time and that you kept to your promised timetable.  So I do not bemoan the fact that you kept to it, though I do miss smiling as I saw your light blink on.  I enjoyed our sometime rambles on the various subjects related to and not related to your research.  If you could spare a hello and rambling note, here and there, it would be appreciated by an old friend… if I can presume such a title.  
Always with a smile and a blessing. 
RC ;-)

New Edition - Is This The End

Is this the end?
Are you my friend?
It seems to me, you ought to be free

the final day (58)

it has taken a little longer than expected to sort out the details of what this virtual summer exploration has uncovered. i’m listing as it comes… in no specific order of importance…

* the physiological responses are undeniable yet not quite fully the same

* we are sexual beings hungry to validate our natural instincts 

* 58 days on any kind of vacation is not as easy as you think it is

* juggling the roles of performer, curator, analysts,  artist, processor, lover, student & researcher is not completely impossible if you don’t require sleep

* “i’ll have plenty of time to sleep when i’m dead.” - my motto 

* i have no idea just how long i have been suffering from a severe case of  body mind disconnect  

* music & the desire to dance are second nature to me but i do not allow myself to dance as much IRL as i do in the virtual world as my body doesn’t move how i desire it to

* i am taking some much needed time to think about why i am reinscribing an essentialistic idea of (white) American feminity which all of my other projects works against

* there is a great desire to recreate a virtual second life so similar to our own to escape to… yet nothing is perfect in SL either

* SL can be utilized as a therapeutic/healing modality for those who’s bodies are no longer or were never able to do what they can do in a virtual paradise where you don’t age, get ill or need food, water or sleep to be the perfect picture of physical health & super strength

* no matter what world i am in, everybody wants me… hahha… just seeing if your still awake

* some of this summer romancing may have softened me up a little

* people have varying views of what is considered cheating… what is acceptable & what is not depends on the person… if it doesn’t feel right… might it not be?

* just because i am fat does not mean that i do not deserve to have great adventures, fashion, dancing, romance & friends IRL or feelings

* internet based projects satisfy my desire for immediacy & connectivity

* music videos & song lyrics almost always relate to everything i do

* i’m unsure if this is the end just yet

let’s dance, this last dance tonight, 2013 let’s dance, this last dance tonight, 2013 let’s dance, this last dance tonight, 2013 let’s dance, this last dance tonight, 2013

let’s dance, this last dance tonight, 2013

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last conversation on the dance floor with SM

[23:43] SM: i missed this with you

[23:43] iARG: and i with you

[23:44] SM: really a shame you leave sl

[23:46] SM: i hate it that i dont have al the time

[23:46] SM: and you look just amazing again

[23:46] iARG: at least we have now

[23:47] SM: yes

[23:47] SM: im loving it

[23:48] iARG: as am i

[23:48] SM: its a ferrytale

[23:49] SM: you lok beautiful again dear

[23:49] SM: and the dress is just made for you                                    

[23:50] SM: i will miss you angel                                                            

[23:51] iARG i will miss our dancing & your dutch

you treated me kind…. sweet destiny, 2013

my last dress, my last night, my last dance with SM, 2013 my last dress, my last night, my last dance with SM, 2013 my last dress, my last night, my last dance with SM, 2013

my last dress, my last night, my last dance with SM, 2013